I have been working in the CG industry since 1996 focusing in the area of lighting and colour. I love being able to deftly and efficiently light a scene, combined with my natural team skills make me the perfect addition to any project.

New Passion
I have always loved the medium of animation, and recently have realised a new found passion for animated film making. This has manifested with my first animated short film, Sneeze Me Away (2010). This magical adventure for children will entertain you with a thrilling story, wonderful imagery and amazing music. I then completed my second animated short film, The Rose of Turaida (2013) which is a tragedy set in 17th century Latvia. Currently I am working on my third animated short film, Cyan Eyed, as well as developing a feature length version of Sneeze Me Away. I invite you to view my previous films, and to follow the progress of my current projects.
ryan AT motionmagnetic DOT com
Current location:
[ ] - Adelaide, Australia